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SUNTC has consistently adhered to the policy of quality first and environmental protection first. In terms of quality, SUNTC has adopted three quality control levels, namely raw material quality control, process quality control and finished product quality control, to ensure the consistency of product quality.

1. IQC: Incoming quality inspection.After the material demand order is issued, the enterprise carries out acceptance inspection on the products supplied by the supplier. its role is to ensure the benign material inventory of enterprises.

2. IPQC/PQC: Process inspection.After material acceptance, there will be products with quality problems in this process due to batch sampling inspection and storage in storage area, etc. Therefore, it is required to confirm the quality of the first piece of the product when the product goes online, and the function of PQC is to confirm the first piece of the product and the quality specification and supervision in the process of batch production.Thus improve the finished product rate of the process, reduce costs

3. FQC: After the completion of the production, the product flow to the offline, that is, packaging into the warehouse.In this process, FQC will carry out a comprehensive quality check on the product, including packaging, performance, appearance, etc.Ensure the performance, appearance and packaging of the goods are in good condition and meet the requirements.Full inspection and packaging can be set up according to the needs of customers and the necessary production control.

4. TQC: Total Quality Management.It is a new management concept, is the quality into the cost, delivery and other fields of a new concept.In the original basis for more areas to make requirements, so as to improve the credibility of the enterprise and more comprehensive quality control.

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